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Easy Way of Changing CSC on Samsung Device. (Without Root)

The myraid of devices, phones, and tablets, that Samsung releases each year is immaculate. Changing CSC on Samsung device can be confusing as for different regions Samsung releases different stock firmware lineup.

The fundamental element they use to differentiate these versions is by their CSC key. If you wish to learn more about CSC or how to change it or why you may need to change it, you’d be interested in reading this article.

How to easily change CSC on Samsung Device. (Without Root)

What is CSC?

CSC is defined as Country Specific Code or Computer Software System. CSC has a significant part in Samsung’s firmware that comprises of system configurations, geo-specifications, APN Settings, localizations and customize settings.

The CSC key of your Samsung device is matched with your geolocation and then you receive Samsung updates. For instance, if you are Samsung phone owner and reside in USA your CSC key can be one of these:

  1. ACG – C Spire
  2. SPR – Sprint
  3. ATT – AT&T
  4. VZW – Verizon
  5. USC – US Cellular
  6. CCT – Comcast

Why changing CSC on your Samsung device can be important?

Let’s again assume that you are a USA resident and therefore the CSC code of your Samsung device is specifically related to this location of yours. Now, if you were to move to a different country you will possibly stop receiving Samsung’s official software updates.

However, to receive these updates you can simply change your CSC Code which will get communicated to Samsung servers.

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Where to find your Samsung’s CSC:

Just in case you are not aware of any method of locating your CSC, here is how you do it.

Method 1: –

1: – Go to your Samsung device’s dialer and dial this

Changing CSC on your Samsung device

2: – The second you dial in the last digit a screen will pop revealing several codes. This code will include your CP, AP, CSC, and your Model Code.

3: – Your device model number will appear to be something like “SM-G924F/DS”. Now the CSC key of your Samsung will look something like “G924FCCT2CRLI”.

4: – Your three-digit Country Specific Code are the letters that appear after your model constituent “G924F”. In this case it is “CCT”.

Method 2: –

Another easy and convenient method of checking your Samsung device’s current CSC is to open your phone’s Settings and go to the About section and then to Software information and scroll down until you reach Service Provider SW ver.

Easy Way of Changing CSC on Samsung Device. (Without Root) 1

Your CSC will be in the first line and like previous method it will be right after your model number.

Changing CSC on your Samsung device (No Root Involved):

Note: –

Before proceeding you must take into account that changing your CSC will lead to factory resetting of your phone, wiping all of your internal storage’s present data.

Therefore, do remember to back up all of your sensitive and significant data. Once done, proceed to the first step:

Steps easily change CSC on Samsung Device

Step 1: –

Once again open your Samsung’s dialer and dial the code *#272* followed by your IMEI number and then #. It should look like this

*#272*IMEI Number#

But in place of the text in italic you have to type in your device’s IMEI.

If you are not yet aware of your device’s IMEI, simplh check the Samsung’s box that your device was packaged in when you bought itor you can go to phone’s Settings and then navigate to the About section and there you can obtain your IMEI.

Easy Way of Changing CSC on Samsung Device. (Without Root) 2

Step 2: –

Once you are done with Step one, a screen will pop up that will show you your current CSC and will also show you a list of other CSC. Now all you have to do is the tap on the code that is relevant to the place you are in.

Step 3: –

Choose Install and your device will automatically start rebooting.

And Congrats! You have successfully switched your Samsung device’s CSC.

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