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6 Best Free Methods of Casting Android to TV Without Chromecast

In contemporary age, everyone prefers a bigger display to execute their tasks or simply for entertainment purposes. Casting android to TV is simpler than you imagine, and the most popular device used for the fulfilment of this objective is Google Chromecast.

6 Best Free Methods of Casting Android to TV Without Chromecast

However, it’s not the only option at hand. Continue reading this article if you wish to find out about some best free alternatives to Chromecast.

Screen Mirroring, Screen Casting. Screen Sharing: What’s the Difference?

You must have come across these words a number of times and wondered, “but isn’t that the same thing?”. To put it simply, each one of them is a distinctive process.

Screen Mirroring means that the exact screen of your android device is mirrored on the TV, which includes all of your movements. This way, same content is displayed on receiving as well as the transmitting device.

Screen Casting, however, is dissimilar to screen mirroring in two ways. When you cast your screen to your TV, the screen of your device is not being mirrored. What it means is that the content will only appear on the receiving device and the transmitting device i.e., your android device will be free to use for other purposes. The second way is that, unlike screen mirroring, the content on TV is then also controlled from TV and not from the casting device.

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Screen sharing, on the other hand, is a method similar to screen mirroring except for the fact that it is done remotely between users that are sharing comparable software. Now after better understanding these important terminologies, let’s take a look at out first method of casting android screen to TV without Chromecast.

Casting Android to TV  Using HDMI Adapter

The simplest and most reliable way of casting your screen to TV is by this method. All you have to do is plug in the cable in your device’s USB C port and in the HDMI port of your TV and just switch your TV’s input source to HDMI. However, in the case that your device is not compatible with the HDMI alt mode, move on to the next method.


6 Best Free Methods of Casting Android to TV Without Chromecast 1



Casting Android to a smart TV:

If you own a Smart TV you can utilize its features to enable screen casting efficiently.

1: – First you need to connect your TV and your Android device to the same internet connection.

Casting Android to Tv

2: – Select the content you wish to view on your TV

3: – Tap on the three vertical dots at the top right corner of your phone, which may vary device to device, and then tap on share

4: – Select the “View on TV” option and make sure your Bluetooth is turned on.

5: – Select your TV from the options and it’s all done. This method works for all Smart TVs.

Using Letsview:

Letsview is a free tool that provides high resolution screen mirroring and thus a next best free alternative to Chromecast for viewing your device’s content on TV for an improved visual experience.

1: – Connect your Tv and your Android device to same internet connection.

2: – Download and install Letsview on your TV as well as your device.

(Download Link: LetsView – Free Wireless Screen Mirroring App)

3: – After the app has installed, open it on both ends and wait for your Android device to detect your TV.

4: – Once detected, simply connect to your TV and all your content will then be visible on your TV.

Samsung device to LG Smart Tv:

1: – On your TV remote, press “Source”

2: – Go to “Screen Mirroring” and wait for your TV to detect any available device.

3: – In the meanwhile, Go to Settings of your Samsung device.

4: – Tap on “Connect & Share”

5: – Turn On Screen Mirroring

6 Best Free Methods of Casting Android to TV Without Chromecast 2

Your LG Smart will start displaying the your phone’s content.

Using ApowerMirror

This screen mirroring app is compatible with both IOS and Android. Another great characteristic of it is that it is super responsive with no lags or delays.

Step 1: – Download and install ApowerMirror on your TV and your device.

Step 2: – Make sure your phone and Tv are connected to the same network.

Step 3: – Open the App and tap on “Mirror” option and select your TV.

(Download Link: ApowerMirror)

Using Anycast

Using Anycast to cast your android to TV can be considered as a less expensive alternative to Chromecast and it also supports both IOS and Android. It can be bought for around 20$ at amazon.


6 Best Free Methods of Casting Android to TV Without Chromecast 3


After that, plug in the USB cable to power on the device and then plug in the dongle to the HDMI Port of your TV.

For iPhone, you’d have to go to Wi-Fi settings and connect to Anycast page and type in the IP address into your browser that is displayed on your screen.

But the process for android is as simple as switching the Anycast dongle from Airplay to Miracast and then just tapping on screen mirroring option on your device from drop down menu. The Anycast will automatically be connected to your device and your screen will be casted on your TV.

Using Computer as a bridge

If you wish to only use screen casting once, there is no point in buying a Smart TV or Chromecast or any other expensive device for that matter.

All you need is a working PC which you will use to set up your TV as an external monitor.

1: – Connect your Windows to TV using HDMI cable.

2: – Download Airdroid app on your phone

3: – Launch the app and connect it to your Windows by inputting the IP address, that will be provided to you after you launch the app, into your Windows browser.

4: – There will be a screenshot option on the page that opens up on your windows. Click on it and a message will pop up on your phone asking you to confirm the connection. Tap on confirm and you are all set!

6 Best Free Methods of Casting Android to TV Without Chromecast 4

Your phone screen will be casted on your laptop which is further casted on your TV Screen. This quick fix is helpful but it is not as efficient as the above-mentioned methods as you will only be able to present your screen but there will be no audio.

This proves helpful in cases where you might have to urgently deliver presentation that is on your phone on a bigger screen.

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