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Bypass SafetyNet on Rooted Android 12 – How To

In this guide we will show you how to bypass SafetyNet on rooted Android 12 devices. We are counting down the days until Google finally releases the official Android 12 for global public users. As always, a beta version for Android 12 is already out there for users. Custom builds for Android 12 beta are out as well.

So if you are one of those users with rooted Android 12 on your device, then you may want to check out this guide which will be covering how you can bypass SafetyNet on rooted Android 12.

Android 12 focuses on providing users with the option to customize their interface through material you design. Further, it also comes with many useful features. But still, many users prefer to use the rooted version as it carries further possibilities and features.

If you also have a rooted Android 12 running on your device, then you would know that unlike other versions, you are not able to bypass SafetyNet check on rooted Android 12.

Bypass SafetyNet on Rooted Android 12

What is SafetyNet?

What is SafetyNet? Well, it is a security feature by Google for Android smartphones and tablets. It is a part of the Android operating system and is used to check if the software on your device has been modified or not.

Basically, this feature is made so that users with rooted devices are not able to make transactions by, for example, using banking apps. This feature is implemented due to security purposes.

What Does SafetyNet Fails mean?

When your device fails to pass the SafetyNet check, you are prevented from using online banking and transaction apps on that device. Further, you are also not allowed to use streaming such as Netflix and some other apps such as Pokemon Go.

Previously, users of rooted Android ROMs could easily bypass Google’s SafetyNet check using the Magisk root method. But with the release of Android 12, it has become more difficult to bypass.

How to Bypass SafetyNet on Rooted Android 12

There is a way to bypass SafetyNet on rooted Android 12 devices. Keep in mind that this guide is for those who have already rooted their device using Magisk and already have the Magisk app installed on their device. We also assume that the user is familiar with rooting and the use of Magisk.

Note: You should carry on with the steps at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any harm done to your device as a result of this process.

1. Install MagiskHide Props Config

  • Firstly, head over to the Magisk App on your device with Rooted Android 12.
  • Then proceed to the Modules section and search for MagiskHide Props Config.
  • Now tap on the Download option next to it and once the download is complete, tap on Install. Now wait until the installation process completes.
  • Restart the system by tapping on the Reboot button at the bottom right of the screen, after the installation process is completed.

2. Force Basic Attestation

  • First install the Termux app on your device.
  • Now open the Termux app and then key in the command below:

su -c props

  • Now you will get SuperUser access. Enable it by tapping on Grant.
  • Now the MagiskHide Props Config will launch within the terminal.
  • Type 2 (Number) and then pressing Enter will force Basic Key attestation.
  • You will be taken to the Force Basic key attestation page.
  • Here, choose Nexus 6P or Pixel 3A to bypass SafetyNet on rooted Android 12.
  • After choosing any one of the two options, type d and tap on Enter.
  • ‌Follow by typing 7 (Google) and press Enter again.
  • Then you have to type 5 (Google Nexus 6P) and then tap on Enter again.
  • ‌Now type y (yes) and press enter. Repeat this step. This will confirm your selected value and will reboot your device.

3. Enable MagiskHide

  • Start up the Magisk app once your device restarts.
  • Head over to the Settings by tapping on the icon appearing at the top right of the interface.
  • Now slide down and enable MagiskHide by turning on it’s Toggle.

4. Install Riru Module

  • This step comprises of installing the Riru Module which is also necessary to bypass SafetyNet on rooted Android 12.
  • Proceed to the Magisk app and head over to the Modules section.
  • ‌Search for and Download the Riru Module.
  • ‌Tap on the install button and wait until the installation completes.
  • ‌Tap on the reboot button after the installation is complete.

5. Flash SafetyNet Fix

The credit for this module goes to XDA developer kdrag0n that helps us to bypass SafetyNet on rooted Android 12. Follow the steps given:

  • First download the Universal SafetyNet Fix Magisk Module on your device.
  • Then head over to the Magisk app and open the Modules section.
  • Then select Install from storage and then search for the Universal SafetyNet Fix Magisk Module that you downloaded from the link above.
  • Then select the module to install it.
  • Tap on the Reboot button after the installation is complete.
  • Once done, open the Magisk app again. Now proceed to Check SafetyNet check. It may ask you to download Proprietary code. Tap on Ok.
  • With this, you device will have bypassed Google’s SafetyNet checks.

So that was it from our side on how to bypass SafetyNet on rooted Android 12. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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