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How To Block Ads on Any Android Device

How To Block Ads on Any Android Device: When browsing on your Android device, mostly your smartphone, one of the most irritable things is the ads. Appearing every now and then out of nowhere, disturbing your search and distracting you. And at times even hiding some part of the content! Now that is quite annoying, isn’t it?

When browsing on desktop PCs, we have quite some options for blocking these ads, like various extensions. But on mobile devices, we do not have that many options. In this article, we shall provide you a step by step guide to get rid of ads on your android smartphone. We will be considering both the types of users, those with a rooted phone, and those without a rooted phone. Follow the given guide to know that How To Block Ads on any Android Device.

How To Block Ads on Any Android Device

How To Block Ads on Any Android Device

For Users without Root Access:

Adblock Browser:

AdBlock Browser

For a device without root access, one has limited options for blocking ads on his android phone. One of the options is using an app called ‘Adblock Browser‘. It is available freely on the Play Store. This app is created by the same guys who wrote the ‘AdBlock Plus desktop’ extension for desktop browsers. And this extension is quite popular and a tried and tested one, works wonders. It is the most commonly used and recommended web browser extension that gives you an absolutely ad-free browsing experience. Form the ‘Settings’ menu for this app, you can choose whether you want to view some ads or none at all.

Adblock Browser: Surfe schnell
Adblock Browser: Surfe schnell
Developer: eyeo GmbH
Price: Free


Brave Browser - Fast AdBlocker

Brave is a web browser which is a sort of a hybrid between Google Chrome and Facebook messenger. What it does is that it lets you open web pages like bubbles which can be opened on top of other applications, much like the chat heads in a messenger. Now Brave shows limited ads but the good thing is that these ads will mostly be a part of the content of your webpage. It allows you to choose the ads that you want to see. Their beta version can be accessed through this link. Since it is a cross-platform solution so is available for all smartphone users.

Brave VPN Privat Web Browser
Brave VPN Privat Web Browser

For Users with Root Access:

Now for the users with a rooted android device. Now such users have a plus point as well as a negative point. The plus side is that you have better and deeper control of your device and its customizability. Rooting allows you to unlock a whole new level of customization. But on the negative side, rooting is not good for the security of your device.

If you are one such user who is thinking whether to consider rooting or not, then check out our article on this topic. It might help you to take a better decision. And if you have decided to go for it, then you can check our article with step by step guide to see how it is done.

Adblock Plus:

Anyhow, we shall now see how to block ads on android devices which have been rooted. For this purpose, the creators of ‘Adblock’ have created an app called ‘Adblock Plus’ which can be downloaded from their website at this link. This app requires your device to be rooted. Hence you can use this app only if you fall into this category. Also, for downloading this app, you need to enable ‘Unknown Sources Installation’ in the ‘Security‘ settings for your device.

Once you do that, simply download the app. Launch it. It shall ask you permission to access root. Grant it permission. And you are done. You can modify setting to see some ads or none at all. This app shall not only block ads from browsers but also from other apps as well. Cool, isn’t it!

I hope that this guide will help you that how to block ads on any Android device. Let us know in the comments section that which app you are using to block ads on your android phone.

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