Best Video Converter Apps for Android

In this guide, we will be discussing the best video converter apps for Android. If you are a social media user, you must interact with your friends and family, be it by chatting or by sending photos or videos. But sending videos to others presents a problem of compatibility for some devices. On frequent occasions, we send videos to our friends but they are unable to watch it as the video format is not supported by their device. But a way of solving this issue is to simply converting the video to a different format that does work on the concerned device.

Even though there are a plethora of tools available for Windows and MacOS that can easily convert your videos into a different format, but there a very few converters for Android that are reliable and efficient. Finding a good video converter app proves difficult for many users. So in this post, we will looking over some of the best video converter apps available for Android devices that you can use to flawlessly convert your videos to different formats and even use them free of cost.

Taking about the applications that we have short listed, they all are apps which you can use seamlessly to receive a file, convert it to a different format or save it to your phone’s storage. Even though all of these video converter apps are free to use, they do have a lot of ads that pop up before converting a video or after the conversion has been competed. So with that said, lets take a look at the best video converter apps for Android.

Best video converter apps for Android

Best Video Converter Apps for Android

1. Timbre

To start off the list, we introduce to you Timbre, which is a very convenient video converter app. Even though it is mainly publicized for its video editing offerings such as video trimming or merging, it can also seamlessly convert videos from one format to another. But other than that, the user interface that Timbre has is very user friendly and easy to navigate through.

Using Timbre, you can convert your videos to any format that you want which include mp3, FLAC, mp4, avi, flv, mkv, and many others as well. In addition to that, you can also convert your videos into GIF format which you can easily share over your social media accounts. But Timbre also comes with a disadvantage, that it is not able to control the bit rate and the frame rate of videos while converting them from one format to another. But apart from that, Timbre is a very good video converter application.


2. MP3 Video Converter

This app is the best video converter app if you want to convert your music videos into MP3 format. The MP3 video converter does come with an old user interface and the design could do with some improvement, but other than that, this app is one of the best Android apps that can convert your music videos into MP3 format. Using MP3 video converter, you can convert any music video that you have on your device into MP3, 3GP, FLV, MP4, AAC formats and many others.

Coming to the bit rate of the converted, files, this video converter app allows you to adjust the bit rate and also allows you to edit the meta data, using which you can make changes to the artist name, album, and more. In conclusion, this app can get your job done flawlessly.


3. Video Converter by VidSoftLab

Another place on our list for best video converter apps for Androids is reserved for Video Converter by VidSoftLab. If we start talking about features, we won’t be stopping anytime soon as the app is filled with a plethora of features. Coming to video conversions, the app is capable of converting videos from almost any format into other formats. What’s more? It can even convert videos into audio or DVD files.

But the most important aspect of this app by VidSoftLab is the ease of use of the app. The user interface is very easy to navigate through and the converting process is very simple as well, even though it has a very filled up home page due to countless features it has. Other features that the app sports contain  a video compressor, reverse video, and more. But the downside of this app is that there are too many ads which end up in frustrating the users. But still, you can remove them by paying only 2$ once, which is more than a reasonable price.


4. Media Converter

The next app on our best video converter apps for Android is Media converter. The only drawback that the app has that it has a very out dated user interface but other than that, the Media converter app works like any other new app. This app comes with compatibility for many Android devices and owing to the barebones UI working under it, the app is very fast and seamless. This application offers a wide choice of formats for conversion and can even convert videos into audio format.

The Media converter app is completely free of cost but it does come with apps. But thankfully, the apps are not as frustrating as they are in other video converting apps and they do not pop up much frequently. In conclusion this app is the go to app if you are facing difficulty in converting videos into different formats on your phone using other apps.


5. Video Transcoder

We saved the best for last, so concluding our list is the Video Transcoder app. The main reason why this app is much better than the others for Android devices is that it is completely free of cost and is entirely open source, which means that there are no annoying ads on display nor do they pop up before or after you convert your videos. This eventually means that you can convert videos much faster because the time is considerably reduced as you do not have to watch ads before or after you convert your video.

With the Video Transcoder app, you can convert your videos to and from various formats including AVI, FLV, GIF, Matroska, MP3, MP4, OGG, and WebM and even change the video codecs from H.264, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VP8, VP9, Xvid. This is a very recommendable app for those who want to quickly convert their videos from one format to other without having to deal with ads.


So with that, we conclude our post on the best video converter apps for Android. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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