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Best microSD Cards for Samsung Galaxy S8

You have a Samsung Galaxy S8? And you are aware of its advanced settings? Well everybody is! Enjoying the latest features it owns is something. Besides it, you want to have your favorite music/movies with you on your phone. And those never to be missed photos/videos you have your memories in them. But what if someday your phone’s storage space runs out? Of course, you will look for a micro SD card to increase the storage on your phone. Although Samsung has overcome this problem somewhat by increasing the storage capacity from 32GB up to 64GB. But if still, you are worried about more space, then don’t be!

microSD Cards for Samsung Galaxy S8


Just grab a micro SD card for you! We in this article are giving you some information about the best options you can put in your Galaxy S8. For the sake of convenience we have divided these options into two:


The cards to be discussed here are all rated U3. Means that it has a speed classification stenographed for UHS Speed Class 3 having a minimum write speed of 30MB/s. It is essential. Because without an SD card this fast, Galaxy S8 would not record 4K video. Here are few of them:

(1) SanDisk Extreme 32GB:

Adding a bit more to your 64GB that Samsung offers would not cost you a ton. SanDisk’s high-performance microSDHC UHS-I Card offers you a transfer speed of up to 80MB/s. It can handle 4K videos too. It is less expensive of all.

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(2) PNY U3 Pro Elite 128GB:

Now, you want to do a lot of 4K video recording, you will obviously need a much faster card for this. PNY’s U3 Pro Elite 128GB card can add a lot of storage and speed. It is best for video making and it can read up to 95MB/s and write up to 90MB/s. It is highly rated and is less expensive.

(3) Samsung 256GB EVO Select microSD:

If you want to go all out on storage, all you need is Samsung’s own 256GB EVO Select microSD card. It has writing speed of 90MB/s and reading speed of even 100MB/s. So, this way you can easily and quickly transfer whatever from or to your phone. It is a bit expensive but is U3 classified so it is perfect for 4K video.


But you want a card that can store media for playback and can capture up to 1080p video, go for these! They are comparatively less expensive than U3 speed options. Few of them are discussed under:

(1) Samsung EVO 128GB microSD:

This has an amazing speed and less price. It is Class 10 classified and can read and write up to 48MB/s. It can handle 1080p video with no problem. Now if you want a decent Samsung card that would not break your bank, Samsung’s EVO 128GB microSD card is a preferable choice.

(2) SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSD:

This SanDisk Ultra 128GB card is classified under Class 10 and it comes with a warranty of 10 years. It can quickly transfer your data at a speed of up to 80MB/s. It should check a lot of the boxes you look for on a micro SD card.

(3) SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSD:

As we know that SanDisk is a renown company especially when it comes to storage cards. This card offers you a plenty of storage at a relatively low price. This SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSD card provides a transfer speed of 90MB/s. It is classified under Class 10. It is capable of recording full HD video.

Above we have discussed some of the best and well-known microSD cards for your Samsung Galaxy S8. Let us know which one you have chosen for you in the comments! 

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