Best Free iPhone Launchers for Android

We have listed some best free iPhone launchers for Android. The most simple and yet very important feature of the Android ecosystem is its customizability. Being able to customize each and every bit is, in fact, a boon. Today we’ll be checking out how to get your phone to look like an iPhone by installing iPhone Launchers for Android.

Best Free iPhone Launchers for Android 1

Buying an iPhone might cost you a fortune, but to have your Android device look like an iPhone can be done quickly, that too, free of cost. One might get tired of using a specific style or a particular user interface. It is normal to want to change up things and try something new. The advantage of Android is that this level of customization can be done just by installing an app, and it does not require Rooting. The IOS or Windows ecosystem does not offer this level of customization.

Best iPhone Launchers for Android

Though there are hundreds of Android Launchers in the Play store, there are certain apps that cater to the specific need of resembling an iPhone. As we know, the iPhone runs the IOS and has a simple UI with a very particular set of icons. Their animations are smooth and crisp, and the entire UI is themed a particular way.

5 Best iPhone Launchers for Android (Free)

Today we’ll take a look at some of the best iPhone launchers in the play store which provide all these and more.

One Launcher

One LauncherThis is hands down the best launcher that emulates the iPhone look for your Android device. Just install the app from the play store and open up the app and an introductory screen pops up with a button that says “Experience.” Pressing “Experience” just transforms your device into an iPhone. The iPhone experience that you get is precisely similar to that of IOS 9.

Pressing and holding the screen brings up the customization menu, which can change wallpapers and animations and other customization. Apps can be arranged to folders and as in an iPhone.  It also carries additional features like One Search, Memory cleaner, and an All apps icon, which pops up the app drawer, which holds a spotlight-like search option. It rates 4.3/5 stars on the play store with about 5,000,000 installs.


iLauncher i11

iLauncher i11As the name suggests, this app replicates the settings and visual effects of iOS 11. With the smooth transitions and perfect implementation of iOS 11, nothing can go wrong if you choose this launcher over the One Launcher. It also includes a smart search option, which is similar to the Spotlight on the iPhone. The smart search contains the last used app, searches, including apps, contacts, etc. It also has a lock screen that simulates a very close resemblance to the iOS lock screen. It has a high rating of 4.4/5 stars, with installs from 100000-500000.



xOSLauncherThe xOS Launcher is lightweight, fast, and smoother than the previous launcher because it is not a resource-hungry app. Making the app and its settings simple, and keeping minimal animations, it succeeds in bringing an iOS 9 look and feel to your Android device. The xOS launcher is primarily an iPhone Launcher for Android but has a few more tricks up its sleeve. It comes preloaded with 10 authentic handset themes (Apple iOS, OPPO, Vivo, XIAOMI, Huawei, LG, Samsung, etc.) with more to come in the future releases. The app rates 4.3/5 stars and has installed varying from 1000000-5000000. Compatible with Android 4.03 and above


OS10 Launcher for Phone 7

OS10 Launcher for Phone 7This iPhone launcher for Android provides all features of the launchers mentioned above and a bit more. It also has skins, icons, and animations that mimic mostly the iOS 10 features and looks. What this launcher does differently is that it is smart enough to sort apps according to its type and arranges them accordingly. The games are arranged together, all media apps together and so on, which makes browsing through them a bit easier. It also has the search feature to search for offline and online content. The OS 10 Launcher rates 4.2/5 stars and requires Android 4.03 and above.


iLauncher OS 10

iLauncher OS 10This app also makes it to our list for a particular set of reasons. The power and memory efficiency of this application makes it cooler than other launcher applications. This application consumes very little battery and increases the mobile idle time. This launcher includes OS 10 launcher iNoty OS 10, Lock Screen with notification OS10 and Control Panel 10 for FREE. All these apps are included in this to provide a more comprehensive iOS experience to the user. This app rates 4.1/5 stars and has about 1000000-5000000 installs. Compatible with Android 4.03 and above.


These iPhone Launchers for Android are the best among the hundreds that exist. Which should you choose? The simple answer would be the One launcher, but each app has something unique to offer, which can appeal to different users. Check out all the apps and let us know which ones you’ve liked in the comments below.

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