Best Augmented Reality Games For Android in 2020

Top 6 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android 2020

Augmented reality is the new trend these days. In the gaming sector, it is still in the development stage. There are already some games that offer AR gaming experience. Augmented reality games let you use your environment and reality in the gameplay. This technology is awesome if correctly used in the games. In this article, we will discuss the best Augmented reality games for Android.

Best Augmented Reality Games For Android

Best Augmented Reality Games For Android in 2020

We have many games among the list of best Augmented Reality games released for the game lovers. It gives real-life gaming experience with awesome graphics. So, without wasting much time let’s jump directly to the list:

1. Brickscape

Brickscape is a very popular 3D puzzle game. In this game, players move the blocks inside a box. The main goal is to bring the core piece at the center of the box. It can be played without AR but it is a very interesting Augmented Reality game as you can use your environment using your camera in the puzzle. It is fun to play but not advanced AR is used.

2. Ingress Prime

Ingress was one of the best Augmented Reality Game which created a buzz among gamers. It was the game which people like to play. In this, you will be in the real world and you have to find portals. Find the portals and build it to win from another team. You have to select a team from two and compete with then in the AR world. In 2018 Ingress became Ingress prime with some changes in its world but the gameplay is still the same. You will love playing this game.

3. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an example of world-class game-play and the best Augmented Reality game you will ever play. The basic part of this game is to go in a real pokemon world to catch Pokemons. You have to use your camera to see and catch the Pokemons. As in the Pokemon animation series, the best Pokemon trainer will win the game. There will be battle gyms in the game where you can fight matches. Some other features are Pokemon trading and trainer’s match. It is used as the measure for other Augmented Reality games.

4. The Walking Dead

As the name suggests The Walking Dead is the game of Zombies. In this game, you will be in a world full of zombies and kill them to save the world. With small missions and storylines, it is quite interesting to play. There are different zombies based on location. Kill them and put your mark on that location. You can also invite other characters in the game to kill more zombies with you. That sci-fi twist makes this game one of the best Augmented Reality games.

5. Egg,Inc

Egg,Inc is a game with not very tough gameplay. It is a simple farm game where you gather resources and other things with little AR twist. Your phone must support ARCore as it runs on Google’s ARCore. It is quite addictive and can waste your time very efficiently. If you like casual games you must give a try to this game as it is among the best Augmented Reality games.

6. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter theme makes this game the best Augmented reality games on this list. If you love Harry you will love it too. You with other wizards have to fight with the villains trying to harm the world. You will also get an awesome debut of other famous Harry Potter characters in this game. Like Pokemon Go, you will be in the Wizards world through your camera. It is a very decent and lovable game especially, for Harry Potter fans.

Final Words

As we mentioned earlier, Augmented Reality games are still in an infant stage. We will witness more advanced games with awesome graphics and gameplay in the near future. We have researched and brought you the best Augmented Reality games for your Android phones. Download these games and enjoy some quality time playing with AR concept games and comment below your favorite game on this list.

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