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7 best Alarm clock apps for Android

Many of us wake up on the sound of the alarm clock, first thing in the morning. It may sound boring and dull but trust me this is the prime step in organizing your day efficiently.

There are many reminder apps click the link to further take a look at them. These apps are very comprehensive and useful for users for scheduling the day and keeping the track of the tasks in hand to give you trigger at the right time before your task occurs

In order to instill the productivity throughout the break-up of the day it is important to maintain the alarm clock. And in this article review 7 best alarm clock apps for Android devices is discussed

On digging into details of what is the need of alarm clock app; it is important from waking up when you start your day till the time you go to bed. At home from picking and dropping up kids to school. To setting up examinations studies schedule. Adding on to putting the kids back to bed on can be done on time if proper alarm system is set up.

So here are the best alarm clock apps for Android. First we will discuss features to look at that make alarm clock app beneficial are as follows

Important Features to Select the best Alarm Clock App

Added Options:

Alarm notes and sounds adjustment or vibration all these features are to be looked for when choosing best alarm clock app


How repetitively redundant the alarm rings. Additionally alarm clock apps these days make sure you wake up properly there is if you want to disable your alarm. There are the set of tasks set by the user himself from speaking as a secret phrase on shaking your phones in a particular direction are used to properly make your wake you up and propose of the alarm can be served.

Customized Apps:

Alarm App these days are included with weather and news summaries sleep tracking and other look based features or add on to come this comes into an extra feature category for alarm apps.

7 best alarm clock App Review


Alarmy is a feature-packed app that offers everything from loud alarms to wake-up checks. One of the most notable features of the app is its wide selection of “Missions” you can attach to different alarms. These require you to, for example, shake the phone many times, or solve a math problem to dismiss the alarm. You can also view a brief news summary and check the weather through the app.

alarmy alarm clock app

I Can’t Wake Up!

This app just like Alarmy, will work wonders, It has a wide range of alarm tones, set “Tasks” you need to complete to turn off the alarm (math, memory challenges, and more all with multiple difficulty levels), and use Awake Tests. There is still plenty of great options for configuring alarms, and even the look of the app is subject to change with a wide selection of different visual themes.

Early Bird Alarm Clock

Early Bird Alarm Clock is a simple but still feature-rich app. The app is designed in a straightforward manner that allows you to quickly configure alarms. The app has simple layout with nice change of pace from other options. You can also have the weather pull up after an alarm is turned off, use the time shift feature to move all of your alarms ahead or back, and there’s a timer included for short-term alarms (ranging from one minute to two hours)—great for naps.

7 best Alarm clock apps for Android 1

Google Clock

The Google Clock app is a completely free, easy-to-use, and syncs across devices app. While it lacks the more advanced features, but it does the basics extremely well and also allows you to set a “Bedtime” schedule—a feature that will mute your phone and play soothing sounds to help you fall asleep at a time you choose. Download this app from play store.

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

If you’re a deep sleeper, standard alarms probably don’t cut it for you—which is exactly why this app was made. You can create alarms with custom sounds from your phone, increase vibration levels, and even add notes to your alarms so you remember why you need to get out of bed in the morning. You can set tasks to disable the alarm. The app also includes a sleeping log of sorts where you can input the time you go to bed each night—helpful if you’re trying to wrestle your sleep schedule back in order.

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android focuses just as much on the time you spend in bed as getting you out of it. While it features plenty of options for the alarms themselves, like adjustable snooze times, gradual volume increase, and challenges like solving CAPTCHAs to turn off the alarm, it also features some excellent sleep-tracking functions. Sleep tracking works through a smartwatch or fitness band or your phone’s internal sensors. This measures how long you’ve actually slept, sleep cycles, how much you toss and turn, snore, sleep patterns, and it can even detect and record sleep talking if you want.

7 best Alarm clock apps for Android 2


While most alarm clock apps are designed purely for function, AlarmMon aims to add a bit more levity to the process of waking up. The basic features are pretty straightforward; you can attach memos to alarms and choose a custom alarm noise (any .MP3 file). But when you want to wake up, the answers this app questions initially determines the default alarm noise the app uses and also offers minigame you need to play to disable the alarm. It’s a fun way to wake up, and the app’s got plenty of cute art and animations to really sell the vibe. If you want an alarm for your kid, or you’re a kid at heart, AlarmMon is a fantastic option.


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