Best 5 Android Apps for Cooking Recipes

Best 5 Android Apps for Cooking Recipes: Cooking is an art itself which occupies a very important position in everyday life. Everyone needs to cook food for themselves or their family – you cannot afford to eat daily from a restaurant nor can your body tolerate the ill effects of unhealthy and unhygienic food of the vendors and food stalls. But nearly of all, us  cannot resist the craving to eat the exotic and wonderful dishes without knowing about its ingredients. So what if you find a way to cook the different cuisines all by yourself at your home so that you can be sure about the hygiene of the food.

Several Android apps provide you a guide to healthy cooking and offer you a variety of cuisines and continental food recipes at your home absolutely free.So you learn how to cook some of the best and popular dishes free of cost at your own schedule without having to travel to any institute for a cooking course and saving the money which you could have spent on it. Android apps have brought in a very smart way of living and learning conveniently and if you are a food addict wishing to learn how to cook your favorite recipes at home then you will certainly find this article helpful.

Best 5 Android Apps for Cooking Recipes

1. Bigoven

Founded by Steve Murch.

BigOven Recipes & Meal Planner
BigOven Recipes & Meal Planner

Bigoven is one of the best 5 Android apps for cooking recipes. The first Android app for cooking recipes to bring in the innovative idea of a software veteran about sharing meals where you can access about 50,000 recipes in the Bigoven library if you love making great food and easy to use recipes. The app offers multiple options from planning meals to listing out groceries and planning menu making it simpler and easier to focus on cooking. Bigoven is itself a great demonstration as to why recipe apps are better than searching out your required one on the recipe book- like how many books can you keep on buying? Is it not a better idea for a  person utterly new to cooking to download the android app and make use of its incredible features.

Best 5 Android Apps for Cooking Recipes 1

2. Food in the Kitchen

Founded by Reese Schonfeld, Joe Langhan, and Jack Clifford.

Food Network Kitchen
Food Network Kitchen
Price: To be announced

Hosted by some of the best chefs like Ree Drummond, Bobby Flay, Trisha Yearwood and many more ,food network has been rated as one of the best android recipe apps that has for  about 75,000 recipes including desserts, cocktail ,meals, side dishes which you can share on any social media platform with your friends. You can also make sure to clear your queries through the support section of the App. You can also get your hands free to cook as the ‘Sage’ offers you a voice command feature and works like your friend narrating a written recipe.

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Best 5 Android Apps for Cooking Recipes 2

3. Tastemade

Founded by Larry Fitzgibbon, Steven Kydd, and Joe Perez

Developer: Tastemade
Price: Free

The only app that offers you to travel virtually around the globe and experience yourself the original and authentic cuisines and continental dishes on your foot ( you can imagine at least). The company believes that ‘its taste that transforms the ordinary to the extraordinary. ‘ A different from the common recipe apps that let you go through the unique experiences and lifestyles engaging people in about 200 countries and published in about 8 different languages.

Best 5 Android Apps for Cooking Recipes 3

4. Cheftap

Founded by Shawn Holland.

One of the most popular and highly recommended android app for organizing your recipes and grocery lists. Cheftap works like a search engine and gathers all the recipes according to your criteria from different websites and blogs all over the world even if you cannot access your internet connection while on a trip.  You can also add your own personalized recipes and photos or tweak the recipe you want to make your own. The recent feature of the app allows you to clone the age-old recipes and create a completely new and different but equally nutritious and exotic dish.  You can also manage your grocery shopping by using the pantry organizer that informs you about the ingredients you already have and the ones that you require to add to your cart. Another feature enables you to guess an approximate idea about your recipe.

Best 5 Android Apps for Cooking Recipes 4

5. Yummly

CEO – Brian Witlin

Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools
Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools
Developer: Yummly
Price: Free

Yummy aims to become an inspiration to those who love to eat and cook food according to their intuition diet allergies budget meal ideas and favorite dishes. You can match your recipe search results according to your unique taste and conditions allotted to you by your health coach. You can also save recipes of your interest in the digital recipe box. Yummy offers a very unique and interesting category where you can enlist the grocery items available to you and the App searches for recipes that match your list of ingredients.

Best 5 Android Apps for Cooking Recipes 5

 So with the help of these apps a smart person can easily convert his Android smartphone into a digital cookbook with additional video segment which can be watched again and again to master the recipe. REMEMBER practice makes a man perfect. So here we have listed some of the best 5 android apps for cooking recipes that can help you become no less a then a chef yourself.

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