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How to Backup your Android Device Without Root

Here is how to backup Android without root. The most useful feature of the Apple iPhone is the backup of the files which is done religiously from time to time. Users can backup data, apps and other memory associated with the phone right into the iCloud which is actually built into the OS of Apple.

But Android does not come with the superior feature of Cloud back-up. Since data back-up should basically be second nature because of its enormous importance to users worldwide. Essential data, Contacts, and images would be lost forever without the appropriate backup measures. This is especially true in the case the phone undergoes catastrophic damage or straight up gets stolen or lost.

How to Backup Android without Root

Given below is a guide to help all users with the possibility of permanent by providing data backup.

Backup your Contacts and Calendar

For every user, the contacts on a phone will form the lifeline o the phone. Therefore it is wise to hold on to that essential part of your life by backing up your contacts regularly. Users can do this by exporting the contacts to the SD Card, or back it up to the cloud or a PC/laptop on a regular basis. The same goes for your calendar and scheduler alike since your appointments for the upcoming days or weeks will be noted in such schedules.

Method One:

  • Go to Contacts on your cell phone and tap on menu
  • After the first step choose “Import/Export” followed by tapping on “Export to Storage
  • This will follow your contacts being backed up on SD card in the common .vcf format post tapping export.


Method Two:

  • A sure-fire way of backing up contacts is to save the contacts on Google.
  • Locate the settings menu of the contacts app on the phone.
  • Next tap on these options in the exact order given: Settings Accounts > Google > Select your Gmail Account > Contacts Sync
  • The same sequence of steps can be repeated to back up data from your calendar, apps, and chrome and so on and so forth, by linking your Google account.


The benefit of this method is that, whenever you sign in to your Gmail account, your contacts will automatically get synced, along with your calendar and other associated apps.

Back Up Your SMS

Even messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and others have seen more usage in the past few years than the traditional SMS app, the short messaging service or SMS is a very reliable way to communicate, with various online money transactions being recorded on SMS. Hence it becomes imperative to back up your messages from time to time so that you don’t lose important transactional data and other vital data.

Since there isn’t an organic way to save such messaging data, the best way is to use a third-party app. If it is needed to restore SMS in the cell phone inbox and outbox, you can download the app named SMS Backup and Restore app.  All you have to do is download and install the app, post which you can back up all your messages locally and even back it up on to your cloud or computer as needed.

SMS Backup & Restore
SMS Backup & Restore
Developer: SyncTech Pty Ltd
Price: Free


  • Open the Play Store app on your phone and download the SMS Backup and Restore app
  • After the previous step, you should open the app and next tap on “BACKUP” option that is seen
  • This will back up all the messages that are present on your phone at the time of taking the back up
  • Now that the SMS data that has been consolidated and extracted, it can be backed up on to the Cloud or some form of external storage or even the Google Drive that can be used for Cloud Storage.

how to backup android without root


  • You should tap on RESTORE in the app
  • Choose the appropriate restore file
  • The last step will automatically restore all the messages along with phone call logs.


Backup Photos on Android

Things can get a little tricky when it comes to saving photos since the file sizes are large when it comes to this category of data. This is where Google steps in to save the day! Google photos are an organized gallery app which makes it extremely convenient to save and backup photos in the Google Product Sphere.

  • Tap on and open the Google Photos App
  • Navigate to Settings Backup & sync and turn on the respective potion.

how to backup android without root

You as a user can select between the unlimited backup or a fixed memory allocation. The only difference is that the unlimited backup is stored as compressed files without affecting quality. The fixed memory allocation is counted down until you exhaust the GB limit of storage, but the files are not compressed and are stored in their original format.

how to backup android without root

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Backup Android Apps

This is significantly more important in a few aspects since apps represent the functional aspect of your phone. To successfully take a backup of your apps you can use the functionality that is inbuilt into the phone in most cases. You just have to navigate to the Settings of your phone and tap on App backup and Restore. This will enable the phone itself backing up all existing data ranging from contacts and app data to images and more. This app will let you backup all the apks of your apps. If you want to backup apk + data, then this app need root access.

how to backup android without root

All in one Android Backup

If there are users wondering if the backup that has to be taken is fragmented and not a convenient one-stop solution then this is the best option for you guys.

All you have to do is take on a comprehensive backup of all the data on the device instead backing up data category wise – such as images, apps, contacts, so on and so forth.

The app that you can use for this “My Backup” This will let you to backup all data that exists on your Android device onto account in Dropbox app or Google Drive or any external physical storage such as an SD card or another desktop etc.

My Backup
My Backup
Developer: Rerware, LLC
Price: Free


This brings us to a close regarding all the ways to back up data from your Android Device onto an external storage source or even some form of Cloud Storage. These were the steps on how to backup Android without root.

We have also covered specifically targeted back up as well as comprehensive backup solutions. You as a user will have to prioritize over what data is most important to you and choose the respective method accordingly.

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