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Is iOS Better Than Android? [Feb 2020]

According to the StatCounter, as of Jan 2020, the market share for phone Operating Systems is absolutely only a two-horse race- iOS and Android. With Android controlling over 74% of the market with iOS just below 23%, Kai OS et al like Nokia’s OS are next with a negligible market share.

Android controls the market

It has become a matter of incontrovertible fact that during this world there are Android fans and iOS fans, and folks don’t tend to cross over the opposite side. we all know folks who would never give their iPhones, for a Samsung device, and that we all know people that tell you iPhones are overpriced and more of an adjunct than a necessity. But which software system is absolutely the best? That is what we are going to attempt to discover for you.

Comparison: Android & iOS



The Android proponents are of an opinion that Google’s Android gives more variety as compared to Apple’s iOS. Perhaps that is the reason for its higher market share and the fact that it sells better; the number of phones in the market with a whole host of unique features and priced at all types of price ranges catering to users from all walks of life.

Moreover, the number of apps available for Android is an astounding 3.5 million however, the same number for Apple’s master-creation, iOS is just a meager 2.5 million. But if Google Play Store offers a large number of free apps and the fact that it offers a great deal of variety to Andriod users than Apple’s App Store, that doesn’t mean that it is better.

Apps & Navigation


Now, 1 in every 3 smartphone users suggests that Apple provides better quality apps. Apple proponents are of an opinion that App Store does a great job when it comes to filtering out problematic and dodgy apps as compared to Google’s Play Store. They also argue that navigating App Store is a lot easier than navigating Play Store.

Another major argument that comes from Android users concerns maps. After doing a close study of both the navigation apps provided by Apple and Google, we come to conclusion that users believe that Apple Maps is no way even closer to competing with Google Maps, however many people suggest that Apple Maps is getting better and that it has great potential but, currently, as it stands, Google Apps beats it by a considerable margin.


Battery Life


Another major point of concern for a lot of smartphone users is the battery life of their devices. Obviously, the rationale behind this is pretty simple, nobody likes to see their phone battery dead at the time when they need it the most. We will have to link this argument with the previously mentioned point about variety; the iPhone does not have a bad battery at all but it’s just that there are so many Android devices offering higher battery life, that too, at lower prices.


It is not just us, people seem to be agreeing on this one. Even though it looks like Android takes the lead in the majority of areas, Apple still manages to beat Android when it comes to providing software updates.

Be it adding new features, bug fixes or, in that matter, security updates, Apple is ahead. Apple does not just provide timely software updates to its devices but, it also caters to the majority of its devices, thereby broadens the scope of these updates, unlike that of Google which has a history of restricting the scope of its updates to only the latest devices. It comes off as a bummer, doesn’t it?

Finally, at the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal choices and opinions; there is no definitive better OS as a rule. If you are a user who looks for variety, the volume of choice and a great deal of customization, then you may just go for Android. But if you are a person who prioritizes design and the ease of use then iPhone is your best option, if you can afford it.

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