How To Download Stable Android Studio 3.6

Recently, Google released a stable version of Android Studio 3.6 for developers. Now you can download Android Studio 3.6 to develop Android apps. This latest upgraded version comes with lots of bug fixes, many new features, some improvements and much more. So if you are already using the old version, then now you can download and upgrade your Android Studio 3.5 to 3.6 version. Basically, through Android studio, you can develop Android apps, code editing and debugging. Google officially supports and recommends the Android studio for developing Android apps. Android Studio 3.6 supports all the major System OS (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Here in this article, we come with a direct link to the stable version of Android Studio 3.6. Follow the given below link to download the Android studio stable version and replace the old version. The company has focused on its core user-base which consists of app developers and improves the UI. The Android Studio 3.6 is added many new features such as new Split View for the Layout Editor, Color picker resource tab, embedded the Google Maps, Multi-display support and much more. Also, the new version comes with bug fixes, stability improvements, simplifies the UI and so on.

Split View in Design Editors

Google added the new feature which is known as a split-view mode. You can enable this feature by clicking the “Split” icon in the top right-hand corner of the editor window. With the help of split-view mode, you can easily see both the Design and Code views the same time on your UI.

Android Studio 3.6
Android Studio 3.6

Android Emulator – Google Maps UI

Android Emulator is 29.2.12 (latest version) is added which includes a new way for app developers. Now the developers can mark the virtual locations and construct virtual routes by using the Google Maps U

Multi-display support

Another good feature Emulator 29.1.10 Google adds which facilitates app development for devices with multiple displays.

Once you upgrade your Android studio, you will get a better experience and enjoy all the features of the version. If you want to download the Android Studio 3.6 stable version, then go ahead and follow the given instructions.

Download Android Studio 3.6:

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