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Android 13 Developer Preview – What’s New

In this guide, we will be talking about the Android 13 developer preview. Recently Google launched the Android 13 developer preview which gave us a first look into what the future Android OS would look like.

From what little we have been shown by Google, it looks as if the future OS is bringing a few good upgrades to what we currently have, and this also includes better privacy.

Android 13 developer preview

Android 13 Developer Preview

In a recent blog post by Google, the Android 13 developer preview was shown. It talked about the new features and aspects of the under-development Android 13 that the developers would get to experience if they installed the early preview of Android 13.

Among many features, one particular feature that caught turned many heads was the new photo picker. This new feature basically let’s you choose which pictures and videos you want different apps to access. Previously, you could only grant access to all of your pictures and videos or not.

A newly introduced Wi-Fi permission works in a way that lets you limit the the amount of location data that different apps and services on your phone can access. This provides a more secure experience of using your device.

The Material You design from Android is also getting improvements as app developers would now be able to design their app icons to work along with Google’s theme options.

At the moment, only Google’s apps blend with the theme on the the device, but gradually all of the Android apps will be able to change their icons according to the theme and look of the device.

The Android 13 developer preview was only the first look into the future Android OS, so of course there is a lot more to come from Google. This first look was also targeted at developers.

When Android 13 nears it’s release, then we will get to know more about more of the features for regular users of the Android OS. Google has is yet to announce the release date for Android 13, so this suggests that there is quite a while before we get to see the stable version of Android 13.

If you want further details regarding the developer preview, you can check out the Google blog post.

So that was it from our side on Android 13 developer preview. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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