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Easy Android 11 Tips and Tricks Every User Should To Know

Released in late 2020 by Google, there some Android 11 tips and tricks that the users must familiarize themselves with if they plan on gaining full advantage of this android version because it surely has a lot in store of its users.

If you are among those users, then you are reading the right guide.

Easy Android 11 Tips and Tricks Every User Should To Know

Following are some of the features of Android 11 that you certainly will be interested in.

Viewing Notification History On Android 11:

We all will agree to the fact that there have been numerous circumstances where we have unintentionally swiped notifications of immense significance which we realize much later in time when nothing can no longer be done. This perilous situation, which can cause potential losses, has been efficiently resolved by Android 11’s feature called “Notification History”.

Now, this feature is by default disabled. Continue reading to find out how it can be enabled.

Enabling Notification History On Android 11:

Step 1:- Open Settings and swipe down until you come across “Apps and Notifications”

Step 2:- Tap on “Notifications”

Step 3:- Toggle the switch on for Notification History

Easy Android 11 Tips and Tricks Every User Should To Know 1
Once it is toggled on, you will soon find notifications appearing below in the log. When you tap on these notifications, they will take you to the intended app. This log will keep track of all the dismissed notifications, which can include alerts and system notifications, of the present day.

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Saving Battery on Android 11:

The Battery life of any device is becoming exceedingly crucial. It is what determines whether you will be able to successfully perform all of your work until the end of the day or you will have to resort to charging your device in the middle of it, which proves to be an exasperating hindrance indeed. If you wish to know how you can extend the battery life of your device on Android 11, the next section is of your interest.

The Easiest way of activating battery saver mode manually is from your drop-down menu. However, if you wish for it to be activated automatically open Settings then tap on Battery and then Battery Saver. You will be presented with two options:

  • Activating Battery Saver according to your routine which will not let your phone turn off and will initiate battery saving in accordance with your daily consumption
  • or Activating Battery Saver at a certain battery percentage. Both methods are equally effective.

Android 11 also provides another Battery Saving Mode called “Extreme Battery Saver Mode” and it also asks for similar specifications of when it is to be used. What it basically does is that it switches off your phone’s features and clears out the applications which gives you more time on your hands before your device could shut down.

Along with all that, Android 11 also provides several suggestions on how to reduce battery consumption like turning off “Ok Google”, switching to dark mode or it will inform you on what apps are consuming most of the battery and will also provide you with an option to limit it.

GPU Rendering (Save more battery):

The graphics card on devices utilizes most of the battery. Therefore, it is sensible to enable force GPU rendering, which might degrade the User Interface, but it will surely save up your battery. However, to turn on this feature you will have to enable developers option first.

Go to Settings > About > Software Information > Build Number and then tap on it several times until the mode is enabled.

After that go to System Settings from the menu. Tap on Advanced and then opt for Developer Options

Upgraded Voice Access:

Now, the use of voice access is not entirely new and has been around for several years. Nevertheless, the extent to which it has been upgraded is mind-blowing. You can literally have full control over your phone without using your hand, making it more convenient for people with motor disabilities. All you have to do is download “Voice Access” from Play Store and turn it on from Settings > Accessibility.

Easy Android 11 Tips and Tricks Every User Should To Know 2

Screen Recording in Android 11:

Without having to install any apps you can easily screen record your daily activities from your drop-down menu. Built-in screen recording in Android 11 has definitely made life much easier with options of audio from device, mic, or both available. Once finished, you are able to view the recording in your gallery as an mp4 file.

One-Time Permission and Reset Permission Feature:

With Android 11, the users can decide if they want to permit any app from using their sensitive information or whether they are only allowing it once. Permissions include Camera, microphone, Location, Phone Storage, etc.

Furthermore, if you granted permission to an app but you haven’t used it in a while then you certainly wouldn’t want it to keep accessing your data. For such apps, Android 11 will automatically reset permissions and thus protecting your information. You will always have the option to turn the permissions back on.

Introduction of App Suggestions on Android 11

Another feature that was introduced on Android 11 for Google Pixel was “App Suggestions”. It provides recommendations of apps on your home screen, which previously used to be in the app drawer, based on your activities. However, there are not many fans of this new feature, and since this feature is by default enabled, users mostly look for methods to disable these seemingly irksome suggestions. If you are one of them then proceed reading further to find out how.

Easy Android 11 Tips and Tricks Every User Should To Know 3

How to Disable App Suggestions On Android 11 Tips and Tricks:

Method 1:- After you have installed Android 11, a message will pop up stating the suggested apps and asking whether you intend on getting these suggestions or you’d rather decline. Simplest way of getting rid of those suggestions is to tap “No Thanks”.

Method 2:- Let’s assume, that you at first wished on receiving the suggestions but now you have changed your mind. What you have to do now is to long-press your home screen, and go to the “Home Settings” where you will select “Suggestions”. Here, simply toggle off the “Suggestions on Home Screen” option and your work is done.

Easy Android 11 Tips and Tricks Every User Should To Know 4

Now if you ever fail to remember how to turn off app suggestions or how to enable voice access or developers option, you can always refer back to this article.

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