A Redesigned Snapchat app for Android Users is in the Working!

Snapchat Fever all around!

Almost every one of us these days is a snap chat fan, who doesn’t love those super fun filters; from perky-eared dog to adorable bunny, from sweet deer to honey bee craze, from butterfly princess to flower crowns, from hip glasses to rainbow vomit, from the creepy face swap to sad face filter! Isn’t this what are news feeds are filled with!

A Redesigned Snapchat app for Android Users is in the Working! 1

With creative filters, voice changes, and special screen effects, Snapchat has really upped its game. With about 250 million users, Snapchat is becoming one of the most used social apps in the whole app world. According to sources, around one hundred million people access Snapchat every day to view stories, and around eight million stories are daily published on the app.

Now that’s huge!

Created by two students of Stanford University, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy, in 2011, Snapchat has grown immensely in a few years. Used initially for sharing images and videos that got deleted once they were viewed, it is now among the most popular social apps.          A Redesigned Snapchat app for Android Users is in the Working! 2

 Sympathies to you, Android users

If you are an android user and a Snapchat fan, then you probably have been laughed at by your friends due to the quality of your images on Snapchat. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s a fact that Snapchat image quality on Android has low resolution and looks grainy.

That is because Snapchat takes a screenshot of the live video feed of your camera, instead of actually taking photos on the Android device. And this is not some limitation of Android but it’s because Snapchat’s development team takes the easy way out instead of coding a proper Android app. Considering so many versions of Android, instead of working out a mechanism to support these android versions, Snapchat’s developers took on this screenshot approach. And therefore, instead of the actual picture, they take a screenshot of the camera feed, which definitely is a poor resolution image, since it’s not the actual image but a screenshot.

My heartfelt sympathies to you, Android users. But hey wait, there’s good news for you.

Good news for you

And here it is, a big redesign for Snapchat is finally in the working. , CEO Evan Spiegel announced that o attract more Android users, we are building a new version of our Android application from the “ground up”.

He tells that according to people’s reviews, using Snapchat is hard and difficult to understand, therefore he and his team have been working on responding to this feedback. As a result, they are
currently redesigning the application to make it easier to use.”

According to Spiegel, this redesign of the application could prove to be ‘disruptive’ to the business in the short term, and there is also uncertainty about the change in behavior of community when they use this updated application but they are willing to take that risk, believing that this would lead to substantial benefits to the business in the long term.

Other than this, people have been seen complaining that Snapchat sucks up all the CPU power of the phone, and they have also had their phone crash due to Snapchat

This re-design of the app was long over-due and we hope that it fixes all these issues, especially the ones being faced by android users. And hope that this re-design spices up things!

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