9 Best Android Apps To Download For Your New Device In 2022

Now that you own an Android device, you are very happy! After you’ve set up your Google account and services (and done the same for your phone’s manufacturer and carrier), you can start customizing your device.

Install some better Android apps that will improve your life while you’re setting up your email app with new emails and purging useless apps from your device.

9 Best Android Apps To Download (2022)

The following are nine Android apps that made me happier, more organized, and less bothered by ads while not requiring overly much data.

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ColorNote is essentially a digital version of my sticky note addiction, but it comes with a single screen. To help distinguish one text note from another, you can customize its colour. Using the calendar, you can add events, share your notes with family and friends, or sync notes across multiple devices.

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A good note-taking Android app is useful for quickly jotting down notes, including relevant photos from meetings, and keeping a journal all on one device. You can create beautiful digital notebooks with the free Notebook app from Zoho, which provides powerful tools to help you document any topic; as many pages as you need can be added to your written notes, including multimedia elements like sketches, images, and even audio files.

Data is stored locally, but notebooks can be synchronized across multiple devices (including Windows, macOS, and iOS) if you have an account with Zoho.

ColorNote Notepad Notes

With ColorNote, you can keep track of things in one place instead of numerous sticky notes. 

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If you suffer from anxiety, then I think that this is a good thing. Finch is a pet penguin who lives inside the App “FINCH Life” and helps you see life’s positive side. He advises on crises and situations where you need to take care of your mental health.

These days, there is no shortage of apps that are designed to help you organize your personal and professional life. The problem is that most of these apps are either overly complicated or quite limited in their functionality.

The FINCH app solves this problem by providing a more intelligent and scalable way to manage your personal and professional life than the currently available applications for iOS (e.g., Evernote, OneNote, Google Calendar).

Finch starts a slow but steady ascent to the number one spot in the market as a self-care pet, which means it can be used all day long without having to feed or change its water. However, the pet needs love and care, where Finch Plus comes into play.

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The CBT COMPANION app is a free iOS/Android app intended to help you improve your mental health via Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

The main idea of CBT is to replace the need for professional treatment to manage your mental health issues. In other words, it consists in treating yourself with therapy and self-improvement strategies. The app will suggest topics and exercises based on your profile and previous experiences and consider what you are doing right now and what you have done before.

Browsing this android app is quite practical, as you can get all the exercises right in front of you right away and if any of them doesn’t fit with your current thinking, click on the “Save Exercise” button to return at the start of the exercise.

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AfterShip is a great alternative to the complex and time-consuming process of email spam filtering. This android app helps you keep track of all the packages you send and automatically delete or move them to the next week’s trash after you have finished.

AfterShip is a great solution for people who are afraid of delivery dates. However, with AfterShip, you can avoid these worries because they know when your package will arrive, and they can either deliver it or cancel it at that moment.

When the delivery time arrives, AfterShip sends you an e-mail alert with your Package Tracking ID so that you don’t need to look for it in your mailbox or on the website. This way, you can be sure of getting the right item even if something goes wrong during shipping or delivery.

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Discord is a platform where users can create their channels, share and discuss their gaming experience, and interact with like-minded gamers worldwide. This makes Discord an amazing tool for gamers because it offers a safe space for those who want to talk about all kinds of gaming-related topics or situations they have experienced in their games or other online activities.

The android app allows users to have a private chat with their friends, family and anyone else they want to. It has over 10 million users on its servers and more than 8 million active users in the app’s daily active user (DAU) section. Discord is a good tool for gamers because it provides their channel contents with a chat facility without downloading any other application or platform.

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A Firefox browser can help website owners and web admins by automatically blocking trackers and scripts such as social media trackers, cross-site cookie trackers, crypto miners, and script injectors from all over the web.

We have been using Firefox for years. But now, we can use Firefox as a web browser on Android and iOS.

We should block all the trackers installed in the browser and start using them as a web browser. We should not run the browsers ourselves but instead use the apps that can help us block them out at once. The problem with this approach is that customers bill our internet connection, so if we stop using our browsers, we will have to pay for internet access from whoever bills us for it.

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This android app aims to be a complete all in one meal planning tool, but we can also create a grocery list and a pantry list.

PAPRIKA RECIPE MANAGER is the world’s first smartphone app that combines the best features of both Google Search and Google Maps. It gives you access to more than 90,000 restaurants in over 100 countries, all at your fingertips.

All the information you need can be found on one easy-to-use interface, including local restaurant openings, recommendations from family and friends, and food trends.

You can edit your grocery shopping list, pantry list, and menu and keep track of your meals with the app’s meal planning calendar. You can download the free version, which can store a maximum of 50 recipes, but you can upgrade for $4.99 to get unlimited storage and syncing between devices.

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This Android App is named because you don’t have to ask for permission to use it, and the weather updates instantly.

This is not an ordinary app. It works by collecting data from a variety of sources that are already collecting data: social media, web traffic and more location-based information (e.g.: Wi-Fi findings)

Based on this information, it creates an average weather forecast for your location. You can also choose different types of forecasts such as rain or sun. And you can even receive notifications about the updates for your current location in real-time and set alerts based on these notifications through the app’s website.

The use of units of measurement for different types of data is a common problem for users. This android app helps you by giving you the option to change the units.

This app solves a problem that has plagued people who need to deal with financial data – conversion rates and cost per action (CPOA). By making it easy to convert any data in any unit.

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This was the list of handy 9 best Android apps that you can download and install on your Android phone in 2022.

If you know about any other nice apps then let us know and we’ll add them in our list.

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