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8 Reasons Why Your Phone is Overheating

In this guide, we will discuss 8 reasons why your phone is overheating or gets too hot to use. After using your device for a while, you may have noticed that your device starts to heat up. The heat can end up slowing down your phone. It surely is a nuisance to use a hot phone but apart from that, overheating can also result in damage to your phone’s internal parts and hardware. So here, we will be looking over 8 reasons why your phone is overheating and will be discussing some possible solutions for this issue.

Smartphones make the use of extensive technology and hardware, and act like little computers in our palms. As smartphones have to run programs with high requirements, smartphones tend to overheat on frequent occasions. This mostly happens when users use high demanding apps, such as games on their devices. These apps make use of the CPU, the battery and other components of the device for a long period of time. As a result, thermal throttling, or heating occurs. This results in a drop in performance where smartphones slow down and at worst, stop working.

8 Reasons why your phone is overheating

8 Reasons Why Your Phone Is Overheating

There can be various reasons behind why your phone is overheating. In this guide, we will be discussing 8 reasons why your phone is overheating or getting too hot to use. Along with the reasons, we will also look over some solutions for the overheating problem. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

1: Lamination and bulky smartphone covers

8 Reasons Why Your Phone is Overheating 1

One of the reasons behind the overheating of your smartphone can be the use of lamination and bulky smartphone covers. Users often equip their devices with fancy covers to give them a better look or to keep them safe. But covers can also prove a nuisance as they make it harder for smartphones to cool down as they are often made up of rubber or plastic which are insulators of heat. So it is harder for phones to dissipate heat. A possible solution to this is to use metallic covers instead of rubber or plastic ones or to use covers with a lot of holes so that heat is easily dissipated.

2: Malware or Virus running in the background

This is one of the most common reasons behind overheating devices. A virus or malware can easily cause your phone to overheat because it is constantly running in the background, making use of different device components and making use of the processor. A possible solution to malware or viruses is to use anti-malware or anti-virus applications that can completely scan your device for viruses and malware and remove them from your device.

In some cases, these anti-virus and anti-malware apps are not able to solve this problem, so in that case you will have to take a complete backup of your device data and then perform a complete factory reset on your device. After that, restore the backup on your device to get your important data back on your phone which will now be free of any malware or virus.

3: Too much background task running

In addition to malware, your device can also be heated up be other apps on your device. For example if you have many apps open and running in the background, they can contribute to heating up your device. Some examples of such apps are messaging platforms such as Telegram or WhatsApp and in addition to these apps, others also play a hand in heating your device such as custom launchers themes and icon packs through overuse of the processor and CPU. These also keep using Wi Fi or mobile data, contributing further to the thermal throttling.

This can be avoided by removing useless apps from your device and minimizing the background use of those applications.

4: In-compatible apps or unoptimized software

Another reason behind overheating of devices is the use of out dated and old software. For instance, if you use some old software or apps that are not compatible for your newer Android version, your device can get overheated. It is also the same case the other way round. For example if you have an older Android version and you use newer app versions, those apps can make your phone too hot to use.

The best way around this issue is to use up to date apps and Android versions. You should download the latest versions of apps from the Google Play Store and constantly update your device so that it’s software also remains up to date.

5: Update apps and system

As we discussed in the previous section, using old version of apps can be a potential cause of this issue. So a turn around for this is to update every old app on your device to the latest version from the Google Play Store. This will make sure that no old app version is running on your device

Apart from that, the phone’s software version also plays a part. So it will be good to update your phone’s software to the latest version through system updates. With the help of these changes and updates, your device will run much better, owing to heat reduction and latest security patches keeping your device safe from malware and viruses.

In addition to the apps and the software, the hardware of your device is also a factor in your phone overheating. Hardware which is old, gets easily heated because it is running newer software which demand a higher performance. This leads to heat generation. So if your phone is a bit too old, consider replacing it with a new one.

6: Physical and environmental conditions

The 6th reason behind why your phone is overheating is the environment where the device is being used. The conditions of the environment plays a major role in heating if devices, which is evident by the fact that in hotter conditions, devices heat up more easily. Moreover, a dusty environment can also be a deciding factor, because your phone could be clogged by dust, causing it to hear up. So it is better that you avoid using your phone in such conditions.

7: Bad usage habits

Different users use their device in different ways. Using a phone for a long time and on frequent occasions can cause overheating. Furthermore, using some demanding apps, such as games also cause the phone to heat up. The logical solution to this is to avoid using your phone continuously for long periods. Moreover, if you use your phone with high brightness, your phone can easily heat up as well.

8: Some hardware issue

The last and the most important reason behind thermal throttling can be a hardware issue. For instance, a device that has experienced some water damage will run very hot even if it is used for a short time period. Another reason can be a device’s battery. An old battery or a battery with a low health can also make your phone too hot to use. In addition to that, using a phone while it is connected to a charger can also heat it up. It can be a problem if your phone battery has issues such as swelling. Before you charge your phone, you should check that your phone’s charger cable and charging port for any damage or loose connections.

So these were the 8 reasons why your phone is overheating or getting too hot to use. On this note, we conclude our guide. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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