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5 Reasons Why the Galaxy S20 Is a Beastly Gaming Phone

The mobile phone industry has a $70 billion revenue in 2019 and this gave the fuel to gaming phones. Although Samsung S2 should not be preferred for gaming apparently what matters is the inside of the phone. When people love something for something then that thing just gets penetrates into the mass’ life.

5 Reasons Why the Galaxy S20 Is a Beastly Gaming Phone 1
1. Irresistible 120HZ display

Galaxy S20 has the ideal aspect ratio for gaming. In the ratio, 20:9 the phone is handier while used on landscape mode. You get HDR10/10+ display and he surface is fully smooth, only a single small camera at the top front. Moreover, it has a 120HZ refresh rate.SO just imagine playing your favorite game on this refreshing rate with extra frames.

2. Google Stadia Support IS COMING

Samsung will soon be introducing us to a cloud gaming service. Its called Stadia and gives games on Google servers that can be open up on Google chrome or Chromecast. Stadia is available on Google Pixel now, but soon you will be experiencing on Samsung S20 series. Furthermore, Google is also increasing its frame rate to 120 fps which is an excitement in itself.

3. You Can Already Stream PC Games

Samsung introduced PlayGalaxy Link which allows your PC games to be streamed on your phone through wifi or cellular data. This will be available on Samsung S20 from day 1.

4. Still Sporting Stereo Speakers

We have seen that S20 will be having the best video quality but as far as the audio is concerned is it good enough? Yes S20 will be the best in business for sure. It has 2 speakers, one is in the earpiece and the other one is in the bottom edge so while playing games you can’t block the sound in any case. Dolby Atmos is also supported by the speaker for louder audio. This mode also helps in amplifying the low sound so you can easily listen to the sounds of the opponent.

5. I Mean, Just Look at Those Specs!

S20 has the most flawless specifications. It beats the specifications of the iPhone 11 theoretically.

Ye these five steps are important and mind-blowing.

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