5 Best ROMs For OnePlus 3T

Here is the list of best custom ROMs for OnePlus 3T. Oneplus 3T is an outstanding smartphone which has a stock android version. It has Oxygen OS running which is an official skin from the Oneplus company. Some of you might want a unique experience if you did not like the old ROM so, for the people who are looking for some new different ROMs here, we are giving you 5 best ROMs for Oneplus 3T. So let’s check them.


TugaPower is no doubt a very efficient ROM available out there for your Oneplus 3T. It has a rock theme engine build on CyanogenMod 14.1 which gives the user complete hold on the customization like customizing the navigation bars, status bars, etc. The best feature of this ROM because of which it is everybody’s favorite ROM is the built-in Viper4android FX which is a great instrument for customizing the sound. Viper4android FX is better than the  DolbyAtmos for sure. The next thing about this ROM is that TugaPower is very steady and runs all the things very efficiently which means there are no lags or pauses. Surely a very good choice that will give the user an amazing experience so do check it out.


TugaPower ROM - best custom ROMs for OnePlus 3T

Resurrection Remix

If you are a geek who often flashes the ROMs or you check our blogs you might have heard about this RR ROM. The Resurrection Remix has thousands of cool features which makes it the only ROM till now to become the most customizable ROM. It contains all the features which are present in other ROMS while having some of its original ideas. It will be worth having a look at this ROM so go and have a look at this forum.


Resurrection Remix ROM


You probably would have heard of this ROM. It is because of its simplicity which makes it unique and famous. The interest of the CyanogenMod lovers has led to the growth of the lineageOS.

This ROM is hands down the best ROM after CyanogenMod ROM. You will appreciate this ROM so go ahead and install it from here  forum.


LineageOS ROM


XOSP ( Xperia Open Source Project). As its name shows that it has some kind of relation with Sony Xperia and yes it has because this ROM includes all the features that Sony mobile phone has. The features include Sony album, Sony Music, etc. It also has a unique collection of applications to show its different and elegant look. To know more it has a look at this link.




The developers of this ROM is what makes it so unique. The Oct-OS usually referred to as Oct-N is stable and also getting improved daily. If you have an interesting feature in your mind you can ask the ROM developers and they will add the feature in the ROM awesome right? Told you it’s developers make it unique. Like other custom ROMs with great customization power, this room is also in beta, however, this ROM is one step ahead as it is built on lineageOS. Check out the associated forum.



Tell us in the comments section below if you have used any of the above given firmware. Share your experience with us.

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