5 Best P2P Payment Apps For Android – How To Send and Receive Money on Android

It's now very easy to send and receive money using these apps from your Android.

Here we have listed 5 best P2P payment apps for Android to send and receive money easily. After the end of this pandemic of the corona, everyone will get back to work and life will be all set to resume. We all will be ready to go out and enjoy our life with our loved ones and will celebrate the reopening of the corona. But if you are thinking to pay all your bills after the end of this pandemic then you are not right to do so. In this digital age, you should take advantage of these best P2P payment apps. Many live-saving apps are developed for us to make most of our time save. take a look at this article so that you’ll get to know everything about such apps made in this modern age.

Why You Should Use P2P Payment Apps?

At the early age of the 1990s, when you owed someone a few dollars you would pull a crisp bill out of your wallet and hand it over. In today’s age cash may still be king when it comes to small in a person’s payment, but now sending money to your loved ones, your relatives, friends is very easy. If you want to send money, all you need is few taps for the complete transaction of the money, now you don’t have to fill the pockets with dollar bills. Electronic money transfers are safe and secure as and all you need is to choose the app properly and it’s the most difficult part.

5 Best P2P Payment Apps Available for Android:

Before using such apps both participants must be using the same app service (in most cases ). Here you go with the 5 best P2P payment apps for Android and here’s why they are best.



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For eBay transactions, PayPal made its name as a preferred digital wallet and payment provider. And since then it has grown to the most dominant app in online payment. It is a granddaddy of payments companies. It takes no fees to transfer funds to family and friends from a PayPal balance but it does charge fees to send from a credit card or convert currencies.

Also, funds can also be used to make any sort of online purchase wherever PayPal is accepted. Its users can also create a smart pool with a group of people and can easily send funds abroad and can donate to their favorite charity or can earn start investing with acorns.



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Actually, venom is owned by PayPal, it is a way more difficult app ten PayPal. It is actually also an app designed to send money to friends and loved ones, with an embedded social aspect.

Early in 2019 PayPal announced that venom had reached 40 million active accounts, processing $161M in payments. For many businesses, it can also be used for paying transactions.



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Square Cash is a mobile credit card processor square’s answer to the growing popularity of peer to peer payment. It was founded by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. It does pretty much the same as the venom does but it does not follow the social features. You can easily send money or can request from anyone with a square cash account.

It has a wallet features like PayPal. And recently it added the ability to buy a Bitcoin to cash app. which is a unique feature as compared to other payment apps.

By connecting a mobile credit card reader to mobile via the 3.5 mm headphone jack, it allows small business owners to receive credit cards.



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ZELLE has its own unique way, it offers you sharing the money requesting it from your loved ones in a unique way which is through the bank. It requires no extra step, as you are the participant of the ZELLE account you can easily receive and send funds through your bank account.

It is a union between major banks which includes titans such as Chase, Bank of America, Citi, US bank, Wells-Fargo, and online banking leaders.



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Google is itself the whole world. It offers almost every tool to everything one can do online. It launched its own p2p solution for both Android and iOS users in 2018.

Google provides many ways for payments. Anyone can send money through e-mail using google pay and g-mail, all you need is a google account. And if you sign up with your Google account you are officially signed up with Google Pay. There are currently no fees to use Google Pay.

Which P2P Payment App Should You Choose?

All 5 best P2P payment apps listed above function in a similar way and can give you a similar amount of ease.


If you are about to choose the app for yourself you should first check which app is mostly used among your friends and family circle and then that app you should select for yourself.

Once you will be done with the selection of the app and set yourself up with the same mobile payment ecosystem, sending money and with your android phone will be very easy for you.

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