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3 Best Media Streaming Devices Review and Comparison

Recently the pandemic introduced us to many new technological advances in various field. It may be education, workplace, retailing or entertainment. Focusing on the later, with increased availability of audio and video content via internet, also introduction to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, Disney plus and Apple TV+ have created a hype among the commoners and has become a household choice. In support now the main emphasis is incorporating streaming content into the home theatre experience. Partly this role is served well with Smart TVs, but there is still a lot of margin for flexible, fast, and user-friendly streaming and for this purpose streaming devices are introduced.

Media streaming devices are the standalone set-top box or plug-in device, usually referred to as a network media player or media streamer; they are capable of decoding the content in the stream and turn it into something the TV can display. Examples include Roku Streaming stick+, Amazon Fire TV stick 4K, Google chromecast and Apple TV etc. These streaming devices use your existing home network (WiFi or Ethernet) to integrate content from the internet; additionally they can also play audio, video, and image files stored in computer.

In a broader perspective there are many advantages of these streaming devices like Roku Streaming stick+, Amazon Fire TV stick 4K and Google chromecast are:

  1. Your TV or home theatre system must not be physically connected to computer.
  2. The device is remote and can remain in your home on any location you like.
  3. Allow you to organize and access your own media library using the same interface.
  4. These devices can be used for video sharing.
  5. These have faster and polished software’s to keep your system updated.
  6. Timely updates are available without altering the hardware.

Roku Streaming stick+, Amazon Fire TV stick 4K and Google chromecast are some of the popular options to pick from but selecting one streaming device depends on numbers of factors few of which are choice of your favorite content; devices you own; prices; specification; user friendly interface etc.

Let’s review the above streaming devices one at a time and highlight the important factors that can influence user to purchase it.

Roku Streaming stick+:

Roku streaming stick+ has a long range wireless receivers provides extended range, stronger signal a smooth streaming. It offers access to the largest number of streaming services available. The best thing is that the company provides the cheapest and easiest way for non-smart TVs to join the streaming trend. It provides brilliant picture quality, with stunning details, sharp resolution and vivid color. Ease in operability, setup an navigation with simple to use remote to control the device. Roku streaming stick+ works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa based smart feature. Both versions can also be controlled with the Roku app for iOS and Android smartphones.

Amazon Fire TV stick 4K:

Amazon Fire TV stick 4K is one of the most powerful streaming media stick. It is perhaps the biggest rival to Roku in the media streaming devices race. Its price is reasonable and it comes with Alexa voice features as it belongs to Amazon family. Like the Roku operating system, the Amazon Fire TV stick 4K operating system has access to thousands of streaming channels. Alexa on Amazon Fire TV stick 4K provides a comprehensive voice experience with smart speakers.

Google Chromecast:

The best feature of Google Chromecast is wide wireless compatibility from cell phone, tablet, laptop, and much operating software like that supports iOS/ Android/ Windows/ Mac OS, Google / TV/ projector etc. providing fast and stable media streaming to big screen. It is an ideal wireless video solution. Setup for Google Chromecast is simple, and the plug-and-play functionality makes its installation effortless. Chromecast supports thousands of apps and games, with more added features. It supports multi-room audio and video streaming at best display.

comparing media streaming device
comparing media streaming device

Comparison is tabulated below among Roku Streaming stick+, Amazon Fire TV stick 4K and Google chromecast device used against which choice can be made as per the user’s requirements.

  Roku Streaming stick+ Amazon Fire TV stick 4K Chromecast
Usability Simplest of all
Best for Vivid 4K ultra HD streaming Compatibility/ casting
Processing power Fastest and updated
Setup Simpler to install Plug and play feature
Gaming Advanced accessibility and huge library
App library Access to large number of apps
User interface Extremely friendly Similar to Android OS
Voice control function Amazon’s Alexa Google assistant
Universal search Broad search providers
Internal storage 1.5GB 8GB 256MB
Remote control Tons of functions and easier to use
Sharing/ Mirroring/ Casting Easier and quicker on all platforms
Audio and Video Quality supports every HDR format supports Dolby Vision (in addition to HDR10)
Pricing Low price and more intuitive Low price
Web browsing Vast interface
Ethernet port Available
Processor Quad band Quad band Dual band

For further information visit URL: https://www.digitaltrends.com/media-streamer-reviews/

Clearly one must consider all the features listed above of Roku Streaming stick+, Amazon Fire TV stick 4K and Google chromecast and let the user decide which of the streaming devices suits his needs the best.

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