3 Best Android Launchers in 2017

What is a Launcher on an Android?

A launcher is a systematic and proficient way of organizing, arranging and interacting all the apps and features on your android mobile. It comprises of a series of home screens where you are free to add shortcuts to your latest apps, or a widget and also an app drawer.

Now the question arises as to why should you opt for a launcher? Doesn’t your smartphone own one?

3 Best Android Launchers in 2017

Well, one thing which is very clear is that mobile phones come with an inbuilt launcher. But, in case your launcher fails to meet the requirements or you want to upgrade to a better version, then you have plenty of third parties option to choose from that not only cover up the backslashes but also improve and enhance your experience with the smartphone.

Now, there is no such term as of a perfect or the best launcher. Every person has a unique and different way of solving a word problem in maths, similarly, different launchers are available to adapt to the style and technique of its user.

3 Best Android Launchers in 2017

So here is a list of launchers that worked out well for me and for most of its users and you should also try your hand at the one matching your need and requirements. And yes, what I recommend is that you should never believe in the written description of a product. Go for it, search the sources, experience the particular product yourself and then make a view or opinion about it. It is not always necessary that if something worked out great for me, the same will happen to you also. So be your own boss and try all the available options before finalizing any particular option at once.


1. Nova launcher
2. Go launcher
3. APUS launcher 

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Download

One of the best performing and highly customizable launcher for Android embracing full Material design throughout. Change your home screen to the one that follows your orders and commands (yes that is what personalization and customization refer to in a way) and create your animations, layout, design, icons and more. Nova is also one of the best AOSP style launchers that you can add to your android mobile. Find thousands of icons from the app on the play store and snap the widgets halfway in between the desktop grid cells. Apply different color themes for labels or folders or unread badges and drawer tabs. Custom effects and infinite scroll options with a backup plan for your layout settings as well as the freedom to import layout from a foreign device or software. The prime update has some extra multiple features like input from simply implying gestures on the screen, badge for the unread messages, calls, emails or anything else in the account. You can hide the apps that are not being used currently or swipe actions. All the features of latest Android smartphones can now be added to yours with the help of Nova Launcher.

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Developer: TeslaCoil Software
Price: Free

Go Launcher

Go Launcher Download

The app lets you customize your phone in a more stylish, sophisticated and presentable manner with themes and HE wallpapers all for free. The app has an inbuilt collection of more than 10,000 themes for Android where you can update wallpapers from all over the world including beauty, pet, and amazing landscapes. Transition and animation effects and additional widgets like weather forecast,  search and calendar are certainly attractive to the user.  You can also boost the speed of your phone with the help of Dr. Clean and even hide and lock the apps on your android device for the sake of security. The app is among one of the latest 3D engine GO launchers provides you a fast and secure method of customizing the interface of your smartphone screen.

GO Launcher -Themes&Wallpapers
GO Launcher -Themes&Wallpapers

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APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher Download

Another very fast launcher for Android for stylish themes and wallpapers, cool tools, stylish interface and effectively boosting the performance of your android smartphone. Discover the new features of your mobile like never before to provide you the best experience. The app offers you a variety of themes ranging from movie and tv, cartoons, pink and cute characters, golden flowers magic themes and even special festival themes. Enrich the life of your android mobile with this amazing launcher and provide it the best life partner. The smart app management cleans junk files and boosts up your battery life and power to ensure fast and smooth operation with a better-looking interface. An interestingly new feature is that you can upload your own picture as the wallpaper and share it with your friends to get likes from them. Special transition effects also let you discover the best apps, videos, and friends. Probably the all in one solution for your concerns and queries. APUS launcher is a personal favorite and popular worldwide for its amazing features.

APUS Launcher: Theme Launcher
APUS Launcher: Theme Launcher
Developer: APUS Group
Price: Free

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