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20 Advanced Tips for Android 10

If you have started using Android 10, these amazing pro tips will enable you unlock various software's most valuable additions.

Today we come with the 20 advanced tips for Android 10. Android 10 offers a variety of outstanding features that you might be interested in exploring. It is considered to be one of the most significant updates Google has introduced for its mobile operating system. However, you may have not observed any remarkable difference in Android 10 the moment you got it. This article will enable you to explore various new options in Android 10, and explain how to optimize the use of Android 10’s most significant additions.

Android 10 comes with fascinating features that include widely discussed dark theme toggle, improvement in performance, privacy, and security, and some time-saving shortcuts.

20 Advanced Tips for Android 10

There are plenty of other features that you could explore and make the most out of it. So, let’s start exploring 20 advanced tips for Android 10!

20 Advanced Tips for Android 10

New Gesture System

  1. Android 10 includes a new gesture system that completely changes the way you move around your phone. However, you would not be able to experience the gestures if your device was upgraded to Android 10.

In order to experience this new system go into the System section of your phone’s settings. Select the “Gestures” option. Then, tap “System navigation” and change from “3-button navigation” to “Gesture navigation”.

  1. Android 10 gesture system has a new universal Back command which is it’s one of the key features. You could now swipe in from the side of the screen irrespective of the app you are using. So now you do not need to have the on-screen Back button.

However, it may intervene with the common android gesture of swiping from the left side of the screen to open an app’s main menu. To overcome this obstacle, just swipe in left horizontally on to go back. Whereas, when you are aiming to open an app’s menu, swipe in at a 45-degree angle moving your finger diagonally.

  1. Also, you could get the app’s menu when you swipe in from the screen using two fingers.
  2. Android 10’s Back gesture works the same way from either side of the screen. it means that irrespective of which appendage is dominant, you could go back from any side of the screen.
  3. You could also access Google Assistant from anywhere in the operating system. If you are in the middle of an App or your home screen, just swipe up diagonally from either of the lower corners of the screen.

Shortcuts And Time-Savers

  1. At the bottom-of-screen navigation bar is a hidden function i.e. the function to let you zap back instantly to your most recently used app. Just swipe the bar to the right to go back to your last opened app. Then, if you want to go back to the app you came from, flick the bottom bar to the left.
  2. Forgoing even further in your app history, keep flicking the bottom bar to the right. Swiping right will take you back another step.
  3. Swiping your finger up from the bottom of the screen will give access to Android 10’s Overview interface. It has some interesting invisible functions. To open any app’s card within the Overview area, swipe down on the card.
  4. To move through your recently used apps, you could also swipe along the bottom-of-screen bar. With a short gentle swipe, you will shift to one app at a time, whereas, a longer swipe will jump you over multiple apps and bring you to the list’s end.
  5. Having Google’s own default Pixel Launcher on your phone, you could get to your app drawer from anywhere in the operating system. Swipe up once from the bottom of the screen, and swipe up a second time in the same way.

Better Options and Commands

  1. Android 10 has an advanced method of activating battery saver mode. Just tell your phone to monitor your usage of battery for a period of time, and then activate Battery Saver based on your own personal routine.

It could be done by going to the Battery section in settings. Tap the “Battery Saver” option, and click on “Set a Schedule”. Then, tap on the “Based on your routine”.

  1. Based on your current usage patterns, Android 10 shows you how much time you have left on your current charge.

To know your battery percentage, press and hold the battery icon in your Quick Settings and the percentage of battery remaining will appear on the top of your screen.

Moreover, to have your exact battery percentage visible go to the Battery section, and tap on the “Battery Percentage” toggle next to it to activate it.

  1. An important new feature in Android 10 is the emergency option within the power menu. Press and hold the power button, tap that option once and you will be taken to a special section where you could add information like emergency contacts, blood type, or allergies. It will be accessible to everyone from your phone’s lock screen.
  2. There is a Live Caption option available that enables you to view a real-time transaction of any video or audio file as it is playing on your phone.
  3. The function of a new native Screen Recorder is available on Samsung Galaxy phone with Android 10. The Screen Recorder option could be found in the Quick settings section. You would be able to record short videos of everything on your screen, and also include audio in your recordings.

Improved Privacy And Connectivity Options

  1. Android 10 enables you to restrict apps’ access to your location. You could adjust existing permissions. Open the Privacy section in your settings, click on “Permission Manager” and then “Location”. Here you could view all the apps that are using your location. You can restrict access to your location by tapping on the option “Allow only while using the App”, or if you do not want to give access then tap on “Deny”.
  2. To share your secure Wi-Fi network, press and hold the Wi-Fi icon in your Quick Settings. Tap the network’s name on the screen, and the “Share” option will appear. It will put a QR code onto your screen that could be scanned by anyone else.

Customization Options

  1. Android 10 offers new and improved notification management options. Press and hold any notification to switch it to silent, and move it to the separate and lower section of your notification panel. It would be inaudible, therefore, it would not cause disturbance to you. You could also set specific behaviors for each app in the notification panel.
  2. For Pixel owners, Android 10 comes with the “Styles and Wallpapers” option present in the display section of settings. Here you could explore the device’s font and icon style, color scheme aligning with your own personality.
  3. In Samsung’s Galaxy phones, the Android 10 update includes controlling how incoming calls would appear on your screen. You may choose them to appear as top-of-screen pop-ups, or have them take over the entire screen or shrink down into small floating windows that do not disturb you in what you are doing.

Android 10 lets you have various advanced options that make your life easy. The aforementioned options are some of them that you could explore and enhance your productivity while using your device. So, get started with exploring Android 10 additions!

These were the 20 advanced tips for Android 10. Let us know in the comments area below if you want to add more tips in the list.

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