10 Best File Management Apps for Android

Well, using Apple devices, of course, benefit you in one way or the other but there are always or often pros along with cons. The same is the case with the iOS operating system. This platform lacks the device-wide file management system. But Android provides a rich service of controlling files on your phone. It is no surprise that the Android Market is full of such file management apps. Now, here comes trouble. What is the best choice for you among so many?

Yes, you got the aim of this article! We will definitely help you out in this. So that you can choose which app will work best for you.

Below is the list of top 10 best file management apps, of course, in no particular order. You can select the one that matches your style of keeping your files managed on your phone. Because every single app possesses its own merits. But wait! What? They are free except one. I repeat they are free except one. So why not to try them out one by one before taking any decision.

10 Best File Management Apps for Android 1

10 Best File Management Apps for Android:

Have a look at the list provided under:

1. File Expert:

10 Best File Management Apps for Android 2

I will start with my personal favorite that is File Expert. It deserves to be. This app along with its great interface owns a lot of features. As far as browsing files on your Android are concerned, this app provides you with all. Making access to cloud storage services like Dropbox etc. Apart from the local files, you can manage files from within the app as well.


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  • Price: Free of cost
  • Requires: Android 2.0 or above
  • Link: File Expert
  • Developer: Geek Software Technology Inc.

2. Root Explorer:

10 Best File Management Apps for Android 3

It is superb for those geeks who change their ROMs often. Like if once you have rooted your phone, you can gain access to the deepest corners of your device’s file setup. This app is being installed on so many phones and is highly rated. Thus, justifying the cost it bears because it is totally hard to go wrong with this.

Root Explorer
Root Explorer
Developer: Speed Software
Price: €4.49

3. ES File Explorer:

10 Best File Management Apps for Android 4

One of the known apps on the market with an insane rating of 4.7. It is being installed over ten million. This can also work as an application manager, task killer, FTP client, and more along with the file manager. And above all, if you own an old Android phone, there is even an app version for that.


  • Price: Free of cost
  • Requires: Android 1.6 or above
  • Link: ES File Explorer
  • Developer: EStongs Inc.

4. ASTRO File Manager:

10 Best File Management Apps for Android 5

Apart from the basic function of file management, this app can also back up the file and app. It is a task manager, download manager, built-in image, text viewer, and has advanced search capabilities all rolled up in a single app.

ASTRO File Manager & Cleaner
ASTRO File Manager & Cleaner

5. FileGo:

10 Best File Management Apps for Android 6

This app is one of the decent apps on the Android market. It is pretty obvious that this app does not need much praise. One sentence tells all about it. It is of the best-looking interface and consists of most common features. It is a file manager, app manager, task manager, and so on.

Files by Google
Files by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • Price: Free
  • Requires: Android 1.5 or above
  • Link: FileGo
  • Developer: MobGo Inc.

6. Dual File Manager XT:

10 Best File Management Apps for Android 7

This file manager can bring back the power with two-pane file browsing on your Android phone. It owns more like thumbnail views, searching capability, archive management, and much more.

Dual File Manager XT
Dual File Manager XT
Developer: Medieval Software
Price: Free

7. X-plore File Manager:

Going a bit different, this app tries to re-create the desktop-like interface on your phone’s screen. It can get you with a dual-pane file view, access to FTP sites, browsing via ZIP files, text files, and so on. Looking for something different than usual? This is worth trying.

X-plore File Manager
X-plore File Manager
Developer: Lonely Cat Games
Price: Free

8. Ghost Commander File Manager:

10 Best File Management Apps for Android 8

Ghost Commander provides you with a feel and a look of Total Commander. It adds thumbnail views, a built-in text editor, favorite folders and files, and much more. It is a mundane file manager.

Ghost Commander File Manager
Ghost Commander File Manager

9. inKa File Manager:

10 Best File Management Apps for Android 9

In this time when different apps are competing for adding more and more features, inKa File Manager adds an old charm to file management. It helps you manage your regular files and ZIP archives. It is recently upgraded to the Android 4.0 version and is one of the best choices if you want an app not making much hassle.

Download APK

  • Price: Free of cost
  • Requires: Android 1.6 or above
  • Link: inKa File Manager
  • Developer: inKa

10. AirDroid:

10 Best File Management Apps for Android 10

Last but not the least this one takes you on a completely different route. This app needs a WI-FI connection to set your phone’s screen like a browser-based desktop. Your texts, media files, apps all can be managed with it using your full-screen mouse and keyboard on your laptop.

AirDroid: File & Remote Access
AirDroid: File & Remote Access

As it is said above, this list given is not a full stop to the file management apps available on the Android market. We have picked the best ten for you. Let us know if you use an app from the list above or otherwise!

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